Links of Steel strives to provide emergency response, relief and recovery to communities in need around the world.  Our vision is to strengthen communities and contribute to their reconstruction by ensuring that displaced people and refugees have access to the resources they need to rebuild their lives after conflict and crisis.

Response. Relief. Recovery.



Links of Steel is preparing for an increase in the number of people fleeing climate change, instability, poverty, exploitation, military conflict while striving for a long-term and encompassing approach to emergency response and integrating goals in the face of changing factors and vulnerabilities.



Aligning with changing circumstances, Links of Steel will use a variety of approaches to develop and implement systems and capabilities to assist based on existing knowledge and experience. Work, wherever and for whomever.



Links of Steel currently partners with foreign government, non-profit and charitable organizations to aid those in need that are unable to provide on their own. Due to frequent and unforeseen circumstances, there are new opportunities to assist partners in building their relief capacity, as well as strengthening collaboration with other crisis relief organizations. This requires a broader range of stakeholders and partners, as well as the development of strong research and data collection capacity for decision-making, often in complex spaces.